SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services received new state funding Thursday to help its mission.

Since 1978 Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) has worked to help people in Springfield overcome barriers to homeownership through education and assistance. NHS was founded in the years following the publishing of the Kerner Report which highlighted structural barriers to economic equality afflicting black communities in the U.S.

Today, restricted access to credit and the devaluation of homes in minority neighborhoods continue to limit black and brown families in building generational wealth. This funding will help aspiring homeowners overcome those systemic barriers.

Programs like these help people get into houses which are great for financial stability. But owning a home is so much more than that. “If it were not for her owning a home, she would not have been able to help put me and my brothers through school and provide the life we live. We do not know life as poverty.”

Because of that, she afforded us the opportunity to have a different mentality.NHS’s education programs span the entire scope of the home-buying process from credit counseling to lead paint removal. They also have assistance for renters, landlords, and even financial consulting for small businesses.

Allocated in FY’22, $100,000 was earmarked to help continue their efforts to provide quality homebuyer education programming. “Programs such as these are vital as they have helped a vast number of individuals purchase their first home, and as I have stated many times over, I am a staunch advocate and true believer that home ownership is a means to an end for creating generational wealth,” states Williams. “It not only paves the way for future generations to follow but is paramount to creating one’s legacy. I am pleased to acknowledge and proud to support the work that Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services is doing to consistently guide and uplift the residents of the 11th Hampden District”.  

“For generations, Springfield NHS has been helping people build their dreams. We’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of homeownership, and we’re committed to helping as many people as possible achieve that goal” states Jeff Hamilton, Executive Vice President/CFO. “This funding from the state will go towards taking our commitment a step further. In addition to helping people build their dreams, we’re helping them build generational wealth. We’re investing in communities, creating jobs, and providing opportunities for people to create lasting wealth for themselves and their families. This is the next generation of empowerment, and we’re proud to be leading the way.” 

“We are thankful to Rep Williams, the Springfield Delegation, and the Dept. of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) for their support and look forward to continuing our efforts to provide quality services, programs, and assistance to our community” states Leo Williams, President/CEO of Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. 

To date, NHS has helped homeowners secure more than 1,000 mortgages in Springfield and continues to counsel homeowners on how to best leverage their investment into generational wealth.