SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A homeowner in Springfield is asking the city to take responsibility after maintenance to the sewage system resulted in damage to the homeowner’s bathroom.

Crews from Springfield Water and Sewage were working out of a manhole on Crest Street on Tuesday afternoon. During that same time, residents of the home in front of that manhole opened the door to their bathroom to find it flooded with sewage backup. Homeowners cleaned the bathroom, however the water is now leaking into the basement, causing extensive damage to the home.

“Opened the door to go take a shower and walked into two inches of water, with feces everywhere. The water was coming up from the toilet, the sink, the shower… there was water everywhere,” said Candy Raya of Springfield.

“We want the city plumber to come out here, fix the toilet and then they’re going to have to pay to have the floor ripped up, the bathroom ripped apart and replaced,” said Gerard Reardon of Springfield.

The Springfield Water and Sewage Commission sent 22News the following statement:

“We responded to a complaint from this customer, and did not find evidence consistent with a sewage backup (more likely long-term floor damage due to a leaky wax ring on the toilet). In addition, our work in the area at the time involved sewer cleaning (with vacuum trucks), which does not cause sewage backups. Any customer may go to our website to obtain a claim form if they feel we have caused damage to their property, and we will do our due diligence and investigate.”

Springfield Water and Sewer Commission