SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield Jewish Community Center is offering free summer camp to kids that have recently resettled to western Massachusetts.

The JCC is partnering with the Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts to welcome dozens of refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other countries dealing with war and political upheaval. The goal of offering free camp to these kids is to give families time to refocus on acclimating to the area, finding employment and rebuilding their lives.

“It is amazing to see the difference that we can make in these children’s (and families’) lives,” said JCC Summer Camp Director Sam Stone. “From improving English language skills to making a friend, to just enjoying being a child in a welcoming environment, we’re thrilled to provide this opportunity.”

JCC member Anna Baranovski has been providing a home for the Terlyk family who has recently escaped war in Ukraine. The children have been adapting to living here in western Massachusetts by going to camp.

“The girls love going to camp! They’re making friends and getting better at English. It’s been a very good experience for them because it takes their minds off the war-torn country they’ve had to flee twice,” said Baranovski. “They miss their grandparents and their father, and we’re just grateful to the JCC for everything they have done to make the family feel at home.”

Summer camp at the JCC, located at 1160 Dickinson Street, goes until August 19.