SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – State and local leaders are saying the threat of ghost guns is growing. The weapons can be made in your home and are practically untraceable.

The people at Monday’s press conference at the Springfield Police Department said state legislation on ghost guns needs to be in the books to not only keep people safe, but also law enforcement.

In Springfield, the police department went from seizing six ghost guns in 2020 to 26 in 2021. This year they’ve already found 10. They can be made through kits and 3-D printers and because of that, there is no serial code on them.

When law enforcement find these weapons, it’s nearly impossible for them to trace the crime to the one who commits it.

Springfield Deputy Chief Kent said this has nothing to do with people who legally possess firearms, “This is all about guns in the hands of criminals. You see a 27 round magazine there. That’s 27 bullets that could come out the end of that gun when that person is shooting at somebody.”

State Representative Gonzalez is the House Chair of the Committee on public safety and homeland security. He said the committee plans to continue to review this for the next two weeks and get something through before the session wraps up.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “We desperately need to update our state gun laws to reflect the crimes that repeat criminal offenders are committing with these ghost guns. We need our courts to take these gun crimes seriously. Only by working together with our local law enforcement agencies and having the support of our courts with strong laws on the books to hold these repeat criminal offenders accountable for possession of illegal gun(s)/ghost guns can we truly make a difference and enhance the quality of life and public safety for our residents and business community.”

States like Connecticut and Rhode Island have already put in place legislation to restrict ghost guns.