SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Renewed calls from local police about locking your cars as an uptick in break-ins continues in a number of communities.

Most recently Springfield police arrested two teens caught joy riding in stolen vehicles throughout the city.

It’s been found that more than half of all car break-ins occur at night and with daylight hours getting shorter. 22News is working for you with important steps to take to prevent yourself from falling victim to this crime.

  • Lock your vehicles
  • Avoid leaving anything visible in your car like electronics
  • Avoid parking in isolated and poorly-lit areas

“Its a big problem in our area, my boyfriend had his son and his daughter’s car broken into and yeah no it’s just a crappy thing to do somebody but it’s what’s going on,” said Opal Keegan of Connecticut.

Police say if you see a break-in in progress, you should call 911 immediately and provide as much detail as possible.