SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield School Committee has approved a school department budget that invests funding into schools and creates a way for the expansion of preschool classes to every elementary school in the district.

According to the news release sent to 22News by Springfield Public Schools, in addition to securing preschool classes in every elementary school, the preschool expansion includes the development of a new preschool-only school at 111 Seymour Avenue, which currently houses the administration of the Springfield Virtual School.

Superintendent of Schools Warwick said the newly adopted budget continues to prioritize social-emotional works, and counseling supports for all students, including extending the reach of City Connects to all schools. City Connect programming addresses social/emotional and other non-academic needs by connecting students and even their families to resources designed to address their specific needs.

“This is a monumental development for our community and something that we’ve been working towards for years,” said Superintendent Warwick, “To have the ability to provide a preschool foundation for our students before they start kindergarten is going to greatly influence their readiness and really help to set our youngest students up for academic success right from the start.”

The general budget is $545.3 million for the Fiscal Year of 2023 (FY23). It becomes effective July 1st.