SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Elected officials in the city of Springfield are set to receive increased compensation as of 2024.

This marks the first adjusted compensation rate for Springfield elected officials in ten years with the last pay raise being in 2014.

The Springfield City Council voted Monday night to increase pay for the school committee, the Mayor and the city council. According to City Council President Jesse Lederman, this amounts to a five-percent annual increase for the school committee and city council and three-percent for the mayor.

22News spoke with At-large Candidate for the Springfield City Council Juan Latorre who said while he supports an increase in pay, he believes the amount approved is too high.

“At a time of record inflation, on the heels of knowing that residential and commercial property taxes are likely to raise again, I just felt that the number that they settled on, $28,000, was excessive and inappropriate given the circumstances we’re in,” said Latorre.

22News received a statement from Council President Lederman that said the compensation amounts were determined by a compensation advisory committee. That committee recommended these amounts by comparing Springfield’s current compensation rates to neighboring Massachusetts communities.