SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Mary M. Walsh Elementary School celebrated their ‘PBL 2023 World School Champion’ award Thursday, with both city and school officials!

The school, located at 50 Empress Court, received the award for the school’s approach to teaching, and learning.

PBL, is an acronym for project-based learning, and uses real-world scenarios to help students gain knowledge and skills across academic subjects. 22news spoke with the Vinnie Regan, principal of Mary M. Walsh Elementary about the school’s achievement.

Regan saying, “I think it’s very engaging and kids have the opportunity to choose more than typical learning and they are able to voice and show in different kinds of media, so whether it’s a video, weather, it’s writing, whether it’s a poem, they can find their own ways to show what they’ve learned.”

He says the school was nominated due to the way they have implemented PBL projects, and adds that the goal is to implement 21st century skills that can be used when the children transition into secondary schools.

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