SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Unionized teachers and education professionals at Springfield Partners for Community Action are still on strike.

The lead preschool teacher at Springfield Partners for Community Action, Jahara Gabriel, tells 22News that they made very little movement after meeting with management for negotiations on Monday.

As a result, teachers and education professionals were outside of the center again, calling for improvements to their working and learning conditions. The teachers first went on strike on Monday, asking for pay raises to keep up with the work they do, more paid time off, and a change to their wardrobe policy that would allow them to wear leggings.

Gabriel tells 22News, “They started talking to us a little more about our uniform so we did make a little progress there we are just working on a little bit of the language and things like that,” says Gabriel. “We are hoping they are going to push more on our wages and PTO time because that’s what the girls really want to talk about and that is what there strongest stance is.”

22News received a statement from Springfield Partners Executive Director, Paul Bailey, saying, issues regarding the article on dress code will soon be resolved but the economic portion of the centers package is the stumbling block. Bailey said United Auto Workers is still refusing to accept their economic package, that he says, puts the teacher’s pay in line with comparable programs.

The two parties were scheduled to meet at 4 p.m. Wednesday for more negotiations. 22News will bring you the latest on these bargaining efforts as soon as we know more.