SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Unionized teachers and education professionals at Springfield Partners for Community Action (SPCA) went on a strike Monday, calling for improvements with working and learning conditions.

Teachers are asking for pay raises to keep up with the work they do, more paid time off and a change to the wardrobe policy that would allow them to wear leggings to work. According to teachers from the center, it’s important to be dressed appropriately when working with young children.

Patrick Burke, President of the United Auto Workers Local 2322, told 22News that while working to improve these conditions, they have been disrespected by Springfield Partners bargaining team.

“Management has refused to provide information that was important for us to be able to come up with economic proposals that very recently changed right before the strike. But there are still issues with threats that they made at the table,” said Burke.

22News received a statement from Springfield Partners, saying the organization has continued to negotiate in good faith throughout this process and remain committed to continue to negotiate a successor contract that is fair and operationally feasible. The statement says that the additional time off and dress code issues still remains open.

The two parties are scheduled to meet for negotiations Friday night.