SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A ban goes into effect in Springfield this Wednesday on the sale of commercial pets in pet stores.

MSPCA Advocacy Director, Kara Holmquist, has worked on this project to prohibit the sale of rabbits, puppies, and kittens from commercial breeders. Replacing the sale of these animals would be the arrangement for stores to have shelter animals for adoption instead.

The health of commercial animals is at stake due to large-scale and commercial breeding facilities, according to the MSPCA. They also state that money is usually more of a priority than the well-being of the pet whether it is a dog, cat, or other animal at these businesses.

Over-breeding, bad veterinary care, inbreeding, lack of food, water and shelter all create a dangerous and unhealthy space for animals to live and grow. Most health issues continue once taken into a new household.

Holmquist said, “While it has taken longer to take effect than anticipated, we are grateful for the overwhelming support from the Springfield City Council and Mayor as well as animal control and residents. The City is credited with breaking a part of the puppy mill to pet shop pipeline, and in doing so, protecting both animals and consumers.”

This ban has been applied to eight other cities and towns in Massachusetts.