CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Job openings are up, and the number of people quitting their jobs has reached record highs.

22News spoke with local businesses to see what they are doing to stay afloat as they face staffing shortages. job openings hit a record high in March, 11.5 million people left their jobs. It’s leaving business owners like John’s Pizza here, struggling to find workers, offering incentives to get people through their doors.

People are quitting their jobs in record numbers, which means businesses that have already faced hard times due to the pandemic, are now dealing with staffing shortages. A local mom and pop shop, Johns Pizzeria in Chicopee has had to put in the overtime to help fill positions.

“Some people come in on their days off, us as a family we work double’s been too much it’s been over two years since the pandemic,” said John Capaccio, Owner of John’s Pizzeria.

John and his family are hoping to get more people to work with them by the end of the year.
If not, they will have to cut their hours of operation.

“We try to give lots of bonuses when they come in and they stay for six months. So we figure if they stay for 6 months we can give them free weeks pay,” said Capaccio.

With people quitting in record numbers local businesses are looking for ways to attract new employees by offering bonuses incentives and opportunities for hybrid work.

“We learned that having the ability to be able to work remotely and implementing different ways to use technology is something that is permanent now,” said Johann Vega, Director of Media Lab NEPM.

Vega runs NEPM’s Media Lab program. In an effort to get new hires, they are promoting flexible schedules and a hybrid work model.

Experts fear that this will only continue into the summer, as businesses struggle to find workers.