State Police reminding drivers to clean snow off cars before driving

Hampden County

State Police are reminding you to clean the snow off your car before driving. 

It’s not only illegal to leave snow piled on your car, but it’s also dangerous.

A Chicopee man had to have his pickup truck’s windshield replaced Tuesday because of ice that flew off a car in front of him on the Eastbound side of the Mass Pike in Auburn. 

The man did not want to be identified but told 22News he flagged down the Cadillac sedan the ice came from and spoke with the driver. He said police came and cited the woman for not clearing snow from her car’s roof.

Piled up snow and ice can come loose from cars and lead to damage, accidents, and injuries. 22News spoke with one Northampton driver who worries about snow damaging his car.

“I wish people took better care of making sure their cars are clean before leaving the driveway,” Devon Ortmeyer said. “I don’t want my windshield getting smashed in.”

Temperatures will be warming up over the next couple of days so any piled-up snow and ice will come loose and will fall off. 

It’s important to completely clean your vehicle off before you drive.

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