HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Some Western Massachusetts children won’t allow school vacation week to interfere with their quest for knowledge. The Holyoke Public Library hosted a STEM building workshop on Wednesday.

Where children spent quality time away from the classroom, enhancing their appreciation for science and technology. The Holyoke Public Library played host to these children engaged in a new concept called Buildwave-an innovative approach to keeping young minds active. Its creator told 22News how to start with building materials and wind up with a program that feels like a video game.

According to a news release from the Holyoke Public Library, Buildwave is an art program with the materials of a building workshop in the framework of a video game. During the workshop, kids can create dozens of different building materials, such as Lego, PlusPlus, and custom-made Buildwave materials.

This workshop will be structured as a video game, with an audiovisual setup that will feature animations and music that help to guide participants through the different building waves. Kids will be able to learn confidence, become better collaborators, and will encounter design and engineering fundamentals in a unique way.

“What I’m trying to communicate is the process of building, the process of making is more important than actually making,” said Tim Merle, Buildwave creator. “The creative spirit that we all have in us. reminding us who we all are.” Buildwave’s creator made Holyoke the latest stop on the library circuit across the state-challenging these young minds to try something new as they expand their interest in science and technology. Surprising themselves with their ability to capture the spirit of Buildwave, the children found much to their benefit by spending Wednesday morning learning and creating.

“Today, keep my mind, going, so when I go back to school, I still have my mind going,” said Victoria Boutin of Chicopee. These children from Kindergarten through sixth grade enjoy the experience of learning something new and challenging and keeping their minds active during vacation time.