HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A student at Holyoke’s Veritas Prep School has been suspended after bringing a toy gun to the school on Wednesday.

Holyoke Public Schools (HPS) Superintendent Anthony Soto sent a letter to student’s families Thursday.

Dear HPS families,

I am writing to remind you that Holyoke Public Schools prohibits anyone from bringing a toy/replica gun or weapon of any kind to school.

Please be aware that any toy weapons found on school property will be confiscated. Students will also face other consequences for possessing or using toy weapons while on school property, per the HPS student handbook.

This is a very serious matter with potentially serious consequences. We encourage all families to speak with their children about proper behavior and safety at school, as well as on buses and school grounds.

We appreciate your help and support as we work to keep our schools safe. 

Anthony Soto, Superintendent Holyoke Public Schools

22News contacted the Holyoke Police Department and was told HPS is handling the incident.