SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It won’t be long before classes start up for students of all grades, but a big part of that is the back to school shopping season.

The first day of school in Springfield for most grades with be August 29th, so it’s now crunch time as students get ready for a new school year.

“Definitely more clubs I actually got my school ID today,” Iliana Rubet of Springfield said when she was asked what she was excited about as she enters her junior year. She already got what she wants on her back to school list.

Future second grader Morgan Trytko from Southampton also got some back to school shopping done.

“We got these Velcro dots, large crayons and we got markers,” she told 22News.

Holden Stearns from Amherst is heading into the third grade, “I haven’t met [my teacher yet] I hope they’re going to be nice.”

TJ Belton from Spencer will start 11th grade this year, he’s expecting it to be a bit of a challenge.

“I packed my schedule with hard classes and I have a lot of afterschool stuff going on so I’ll definitely have a busy schedule. TJ said. “I’m excited for it but I think I’m going to be a little overwhelmed.”

College is just around the corner for Sky Yamagiwa from Amherst. She has what she needs, but now it’s about personalizing her dorm room at Mount Holyoke.

“I definitely got a lot of ideas through Pinterest, I have a whole board for my college dorm,” she said.

Her sister Joy is going abroad to Japan, she’s packing the essentials, including her air fryer.

“Everyone here uses it in college especially so I made a sacrifice,” Joy told 22News. “I’m not gonna take some of my shoes because air fryer comes first.”