AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – An Agawam resident is asking for the public’s help in returning a Build-a-Bear stuffed animal that was accidentally donated to Savers last week.

“Heartbroken. I thought because I had caught onto it so quick that I was going to get it back.”

Mary Kirk

Mary Kirk says this stuffed animal of a cat is no ordinary stuffed animal, it has her father’s ashes stitched inside of it. The cat named Cheshire was given to her son when he was a baby by her father. When her father passed away, they had a vial of his ashes put inside the stuffed animal.

“We had my father cremated. I took some of the ashes and we had it put into the build a bear cat because that animal was already so special to him, I wanted it to stay where he would always have a piece of my dad with him,” said Mary.

The stuffed animal was placed in a box and then accidently donated to Savers in West Springfield on Monday, March 7, according to Mary. 22News contacted Savers in West Springfield, a manager said they searched their inventory for several hours but was unable to locate the stuffed animal and they were unable to confirm if the cat was donated to their store. However, Mary is hoping that if the stuffed cat was bought at the store, it will be returned to her.

The stuffed animal has been described as an orange tabby cat made at a Build-a-Bear workshop. Mary posted a photo on her Facebook page that shows a similar stuffed animal. The Facebook post has been shared more than 1,500 times. As of Monday, Mary is now offering a $50 reward with proof of purchasing the cat at Savers.

“I believe that it will be found. I really, really do. I just don’t think that the person who has it knows,” said Mary. “All we do is want the cat back, It’s that important.”

According to the manager at Savers in West Springfield, smaller donations like stuffed animals are usually processed and sold at the same location but other donations are sometimes relocated to other stores.