Summer Driving Dangers: Reckless driving surge in western Mass

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The months of June, July, and August are considered the most deadly months for drivers across the nation.

This summer, reckless driving is being seen and heard across the area at an alarming rate. Recent footage captured by 22News, shows the moment a motorcyclist ‘pop’s a wheelie’ while driving down Chicopee Street past our station, and whether its a motorcycle or a car, pedestrians tell us, speeding has also become a major issue throughout western Massachusetts.

“I’ve gotten hit in a crosswalk. It is dangerous. Just slow down,” said John Parks of Florence. So far this year here in Massachusetts there have been 142 fatal crashes, 21 involving pedestrians, and 23 involving motorcycles.

But between June and August, AAA Northeast explains to us that is when the state sees an increase in crashes and fatalities, and they contribute that to more people on the road, and dangerous driving, such as speeding and aggressive lane changing.

Mark Schieldrop of AAA Northeast, tells 22News, “Half of young drivers that die every year in Massachusetts die during those three months. The best thing we can do to really improve safety on the roadways is to take personal responsibility for our own driving, try to slow down, leave some room between you and the car in front of you and that will dramatically will make a big difference.”

We also spoke with Chicopee Police earlier this evening who said they have extra police detail out in efforts to keep roads more safe.

Kristina D’Amours is a reporter who is a part of the evening 22News team. Follow Kristina on X @KristinaD_WWLP and view her bio to see more of her work.