SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Following the tragic deaths of a family in Springfield on Monday, many are still coping, and for children impacted by emotionally jarring events, the effects can last a lifetime.

When tragic events occur, anything from an unexpected loss of life in the family, to someone posing lethal harm to others, it can be very difficult for parents or others to know how to help children understand and cope.

But experts say it is imperative to find help and to assist youth as soon as possible. “There’s a lot happening on the street right now and I think parents are looking for an alternative to the streets and there are many wonderful non profits and youth agencies'” says Executive Director of the Springfield Boys and Girls Club, Vincent Borello.

Just some of the different organizations families can use in Springfield alone are ROCA, the Boys and Girls Club, MLK Jr Family Services, and the New North Citizen Council.

While there are many resources in Springfield and the surrounding areas, the Boys and Girls Club of Springfield tells us that the most important thing a kid can do is speak to someone about what has happened and staying busy.

“Sometimes they do need someone to talk to,” Borello adds. “Sometimes their life needs some guidance and so they’ll come and they’ll talk to the staff here. So there’s always someone here who can give kids an uplifting voice.”

Experts say that as school is about to start up again, trauma can effect a children’s learning and ability as a student so before they get to the classroom all of the potential help is much needed.

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