SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Not only are diesel prices sky high but there’s also talk of a shortage, and that’s affecting local truckers.

Truckers have been coping with the rising prices of diesel since this summer and unfortunately, they are seeing no sign of these prices abating. Local trucker Rohan Heron of Springfield comes here regularly to fill up and says this is the highest price per gallon for diesel he saw in a while. He’s also worried about the impact of a potential shortage.

“We might have a shortage, which I’m very concerned about because that just means you can’t come here and just fuel up like you used to, you got to play by ear, like what load do I have tomorrow, do I put the half tank, quarter tank, you know I just have to play by ear” Heron.

The prices paired with the shortage are creating complicated situations for truckers like Rohan, who are spending time determining just how much they need based on distance and weight. According to AAA, the highest recorded average price for a gallon of diesel was recorded in May at $6.41 per gallon.

Unfortunately, industry experts say not to expect those diesel prices to come down anytime soon.