WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Big E begins this Friday that will add thousands of cars coming to West Springfield during the 17-day fair.

Drivers should prepare for delays and longer commutes. You’ll definitely want to give yourself extra time if you’re coming to the Big E this weekend or just need to get through this area of West Springfield. Some traffic trouble spots to watch out for are the South End and North End bridge, especially on the weekends, and Memorial Avenue that goes into Agawam.

The hope is that the newly renovated Morgan Sullivan Bridge will help reduce traffic congestion and get cars through faster.

“The connector between West Side and Agawam, the Morgan Sullivan bridge, we have a dedicated entrance lane which will help the flow of traffic through Agawam and into the fairgrounds and out of the fairgrounds as well. So, that’s a major step,” said Gene Cassidy, President of the Eastern States Exposition.

According to West Springfield Mayor Reichelt, beginning Friday there is no on-street parking in the Memorial neighborhood. Cars will be towed if found parked on York Street, Heywood Avenue, Allston Avenue, Norman Street, Baldwin Street, Bosworth Street and Windsor Streets, as stated in the video shared from Mayor Reichelt’s Facebook page.

Drivers will not be able to take a left turn from River Street onto Memorial Avenue during the 17 days of the fair. Depending on traffic conditions, additional traffic changes may be put in place. Mayor Reichelt is reminding visitors to have patience while traveling through West Springfield during the fair.

Parking is available at Gate 9 of The Big E, and is cash only. Several residences and businesses offer paid parking as well. Union Station and the Enfield Mall provide off site parking with shuttle service on weekends.

MAP: The Big E Traffic

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