SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The rainy weather Saturday did not stop opening day festivities at the Zoo in Forest Park on Saturday.

During the opening day, event the zoo honored their 19-year-old leopard, Oz, with a birthday celebration one week later than expected.

The opening celebration was delayed one week due to the forecasted wintery mix the weekend of March 25 when the zoo was scheduled to kick off it’s 2023 season.

“We kicked off our 2023 season with a birthday celebration for our spotted leopard. He turned 19, so we had a piñata for him, we had some enrichment activities, we did a cake, which we did at 2:30 when the sun was starting to come out. We had quite an audience for that! He really seemed to enjoy it,” expressed Zoo Development Manager, Gabry Tyson.

Visitors were able to enjoy many enrichment activities for Oz including, a piñata filled with his favorite snacks, gifts for him to open, and a meat cake! They will be continuing birthday celebrations for the 19-year-old spotted leopard on Sunday.