CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Marijuana products can soon arrive right at your front door.

Theory Wellness dispensary in Chicopee is teaming up with Springfield-based courier service “Treevit” to deliver their products to customers.

Orders will be placed on Theory Wellness’ website, packed by their staff, then handed off to Treevit for delivery. Thomas Winstanley, VP of Marketing at Theory Wellness, told 22News the service is similar to Grub Hub for marijuana.

“I think we are moving into an age where that is so common,” said Winstanley. “From ordering groceries from the supermarket or ordering dinner on seamless, this is the next iteration, and certainly from the legacy market, what we all grew up with, there is a precedent already for people to come and delivery to you.”

This service is heavily monitored and regulated by the Cannabis Control Commission. Cameras are installed inside the delivery vehicles and couriers are only allowed a certain amount of marijuana products in the car at once. Couriers must also have a license approved by the commission.

Treevit began its licensing process back in 2019. Theory Wellness delivery services will begin on Thursday and will run 7 days a week.