WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It has now been three years since Timothy Kolendo was reported missing. The Westfield Police Department is reminding residents that this case is still unsolved and is continuing to ask the public for any information that they may have.

Kolendo was 53-years-old when he was last seen in November 2019 and was reported missing in December 2019. He is described as 5’10” in height with gray hair that may be dyed black and brown eyes. He is a very thin-built man and is believed to have recently cut his hair so it may not appear as long as it is in the picture shared. He is also known to wear women’s clothing and goes by the name “Tessa.”

A friend told police that Kolendo may have been paranoid and attempting to disappear “off the grid.”

He left behind his phone, his vehicle, and his bank account has not been used since his disappearance. Police found no foul play inside his home but they have not ruled out the possibility that something may have happened elsewhere. Westfield police also say Kolendo was a regular marijuana user, an avid mountain biker, and a guitar player.

Kolendo also has a history of mental health issues. If you have any information on his disappearance, police are asking you to contact Lt. Phelon at 413-572-6300 or you can email wpdtips@cityofwestfield.org.