MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – A 150th anniversary celebration was launched at Monson Savings Bank earlier this year and is continuing through the year.

To commemorate the bank’s sesquicentennial, Monson Savings Bank employees buried a time capsule that will be excavated and opened in 25 years, 2047, at the Bank’s 175th anniversary.

The selection of items for the time capsule was a team effort. In order to determine which items should be added to the celebration, the 150th Anniversary Committee consulted with all Bank employees. Among the items were photos, business cards, brochures, a piggy bank, letters, deposit slips, articles celebrating the 150th anniversary, and of course, Monson Savings branded masks and hand sanitizers.

The crew was led to the burial location by Monson Savings Bank President and CEO Dan Moriarty. “We thought burying a time capsule would be a unique way for us to commemorate this momentous occasion of Monson Savings Bank turning 150 years old. It gave us an opportunity to think about the future and those who may be opening this capsule in 25 years at our 175th Anniversary,” said Dan Moriarty, Monson Savings Bank President and CEO. “We all feel honored to be a part of the Monson Savings legacy. We carefully thought about the items and messages we would want to share with future generations of the Bank.”

Business cards, messages, and other items were added by employees in attendance. Once the time capsule was sealed, it was placed in the ground. The first scoops of dirt were added by Moriarity, with others following his lead.