SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s a bonus going for anyone who signs up to clean the streets this winter, but time is running out.

The city of Springfield is bolstering its fleet of snow plow drivers for what could be a very white winter. With just over 100 drivers expected to sign up, the main concern now is the amount of plows. While this is the same amount as last year, Director Chris Cignoli with the Springfield Department of Public Works welcomes as many trucks as possible.

“You know, right now the weather looks pretty good for the next couple weeks, so hopefully we don’t have any big plowing events but the more people that can come in the better,” said Cignoli.

Added moisture in the air due to rising ocean temperatures could lead to more intense snow events later in the year.

“We don’t need any snowplow drivers just yet. They’re only brought on the street when there’s three or more inches of snow on the ground, giving the Department of Public Works more time to find drivers,” said Chris Cignoli.

One way they’re persuading drivers is the $12 an hour bonus if you sign up by this Friday. You must have a truck over 8,000 pounds that’s in road worthy condition and insurance. Those incentives go up another $12 an hour or more if you have your own plow.

If you miss the incentive deadline this Friday, you’re still able to sign up for a normal rate until the end of the year.

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