SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Emily Boch is a student at Springfield College, her last vacation was before the pandemic. She said with everything that’s happened over the last two years, she’d like a break.

“I was actually just sitting in class and I was thinking a vacation would be so amazing,” she told 22News. “A trip to Florida would be awesome or even just like driving down to Maine for the weekend. Of course gas prices have been making that hard.”

According to Anne Lischwe with AAA Northeast, Florida as well as the Caribbean are high demand destinations right now. She said while gas is impacting prices, demand is what’s really fueling that jump.

“The more popular the time is, the destination is, the higher that price is going to be,” Lischwe said. “And even more so now than pre-pandemic,”

With inflation hitting a 40-year high, flying out to your next summer destination costs more. However, Lischwe said there are some ways you can combat that, like booking early.

In fact, Lischwe said now is a good time to book your flight for the winter holiday. Flexibility is a big part in saving money, like choosing locations that are off the beaten path, or not during peak travel times. Also, how you reach your destination can save you some cash.

“We are seeing more people trend towards flying because of gas prices but it’s really about doing that comparison,” she said. “Even between car rental versus plane versus train, there’s a lot of different ways to get places.”

Traveler’s insurance can also be a good way to save money. While it will cost more up front, it should help if there is a cancelation or your plans need to change.