SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A trial date has been set in a civil suit against the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The jury trial is set for November 14th in Hampden County Superior Court and it largely focuses on the repairs to the dome. The suit alleges free standing business tenants on the Hall of Fame’s 18 acre lot were asked to pay the bill to have the dome repaired.

Peter Pappas is the Manager of Rivers Landing LLC. He and Dr. Michael Spagnoli developed the former Basketball Hall of Fame, where the LA Fitness is. He said his building isn’t even touching the Hall of Fame and he shouldn’t have to pay that bill.

“Just imagine if someone came to you one day and said you owe us $611,000 to fix our roof. That’s just the outrageousness of what they’ve done,” said Pappas.

22News contacted the Hall of Fame for comment but did not hear back.