WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Two bears were seen Tuesday morning eating some pumpkins in a Westfield resident’s yard.

The 22News viewer that shared the video said the bears were spotted in their yard Tuesday morning on Southwick Road. The two bears fight over a pumpkin before one gives up and attempts to each another pumpkin in the yard.

Black bears are out looking for food before they settle in their dens for the winter in the next few weeks. According to Mass.gov, black bears typically begin to enter dens between mid-November and mid-December, so there is still a chance to see bears roaming your neighborhood. Dens in Massachusetts are considered as brush piles, under fallen trees, a jumble of rocks, in a mountain laurel or rose thickets.

If you can safety take a video or photos of wildlife in your yard, you can send them to reportit@wwlp.com.