SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Two officers convicted in an assault case outside of Nathan Bill’s Bar are being reinstated to the Springfield Police Department.

In April both officers were sentenced to two years probation, community service, and to stay away from Nathan Bill’s. Now the Civilian Commission has approved for both to be back on the force.

Daniel Billingsley and Christian Cicero were both convicted of three counts of assault and battery charges on three victims, but were found not guilty of more serious charges. All of this stemmed from an incident in 2015 when four off-duty Springfield officers got into a fight outside the bar with four black men.

Springfield Police Spokesperson Ryan Walsh said the officers, who have been on suspension, are allowed to ask for their jobs back while they appeal the misdemeanors. “The board of police commissioners in a vote decided to reinstate them. So the Superintendent will now look at getting all their in-service training to get them up to speed,” said Walsh.

In a statement to 22News, Mayor Domenic Sarno said, “I am very concerned with the Board of Police Commissioners’ decision to reinstate two convicted police officers. Police Superintendent Cheryl Clapprood, myself, and our Springfield Police Department continue to work so hard on enhancing and building community trust, and simply put, this decision erodes our work.”

Springfield City Council President Jesse Lederman issues the following statement, “The decision made last night by the Board of Police Commissioners without proper notice and without the full membership of their body present and voting was not appropriate or in line with their stated mission. The City Council’s efforts to secure the existence of the Police Commission is the reason that this decision was made publicly and therefore came to light so quickly, however, it is also demonstrative of the concerns the Council has raised with the Board’s implementation in recent months regarding the need for clear policies, procedures, and administrative and legal support to be established by the administration. The Police Commission is meant to ensure the public and members of the department can rely on a consistent, professional, and transparent decision making process and execution of justice. In this instance, the process appears unclear, out of order, and unreflective of the institutions purpose. The legality of two of the five Commission members acting on behalf of the whole, the language of their agenda, and what options exist for the full Commission to have their say, must be immediately reviewed. In light of this serious shortcoming, the Mayor should review his appointments to this body and determine who allowed this to take place. The people of Springfield and the Officers of the Springfield Police Department deserve a transparent and reliable process, and the actions of the members of the Board of Police Commissioners must be beyond reproach.”

According to attorney Shawn Allyn, both officers will be back at work on Monday.