CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee has seen a number of deadly pedestrian accidents, including one late last week, bringing pedestrian safety to the forefront of the city’s concerns.

From our records, there were two people that have died among 130 total crashes so far this year. While last year there were 11 deaths total.

It was found that a man was lying in Chicopee Street near Florence Street just last Thursday, later dying in the hospital. Some of the top pedestraian crash locations have been on Montgomery Street, Memorial Drive, and Center Street.

To improve pedestrian visibility, the Chicopee Mayor says the city is working with MassDOT to investigate high-volume pedestrian intersections, that lead to retail, schools, and parks.

“We’re looking at all different types of options whether it be speed tables to slow down traffic, street diets, islands in the middle so a person would have a safe zone half way through,” said Chicopee Mayor John Vieau. “We’re putting up rapid flashing beacons up at certain crosswalks, They were ordered.”

City Council approved $200,000 in early February to cover costs of this Safety Improvement Project. Chicopee’s DPW will have these projects underway in the Spring.