SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Controversy continues over the Court Square housing project in downtown Springfield.

After the Springfield City Council did not take a vote on the issue of transferring millions of dollars in free cash to the project Monday, the council is set to meet later this week, which will determine the fate of the project.

The council delayed its vote Monday on the request for $6.5 million in municipal funds to help cover the costs to turn the former Court Square Hotel into residential apartments. Now, the council is set to meet Friday for a vote. The redevelopment project was launched in 2020, but after COVID hit, work on the project shut down. Inflation and supply chain issues have caused the cost of the project to skyrocket to an additional $13 million.

City Councilor Trayce Whitfield has been fighting with the city to allocate $5 million to offer more relief for city taxpayers. While she’s not against the redevelopment project, she said she can’t support the transfer of an additional $6.5 million without more tax relief for her residents first.

“So that’s taxpayer funds that should go back to the taxpayers. While I am not looking to stop this project, I do want some consideration for our taxpayers in the city of Springfield,” Whitfield said.

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno has said that the majority of the city council needs to vote “yes” on the additional $6.5 million. Otherwise, he said, hundreds of jobs will be lost, and the city will lose money.

The city council is scheduled to have a special meeting on Friday at noon.