THREE RIVERS, Mass. (WWLP) – A Three Rivers resident caught some bald eagles on camera Friday morning.

They shared video and photos of the eagles with 22News. Emily Czaja said in an email they saw three bald eagles in total. One of the eagles was still an adolescent, you can tell due to it not having white feathers on its head. According to USDA, bald eagles do not obtain their full features until they are at least five years old.

An adult bald eagle is easily spotted by the iconic white head and brown body and they are very common in western Massachusetts. 22News is very familiar with bald eagles, as we have had two occasionally appear on top of our broadcast tower!

According to, as of 2018 there are 76 territorial pairs of bald eagles identified in Massachusetts. Bald eagles were listed as endangered in Massachusetts before 2012. They are currently listed as special concern in the state. Bald eagles were removed from the Federal Endangered Species List in 2007.

If you see a bald eagle in your community, you can share it with 22News by emailing!