SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A 22News viewer spotted a bobcat in their front yard Sunday night with a rabbit in its mouth.

According to 22News viewer Stuart Burnett, a bobcat was spotted on Sunday night with a catch of a rabbit in its mouth in East Forest Park off Plumtree Road. They have also had a coyote, fox, opossum, and a white skunk show up in their yard as well.

Populations of bobcats are different across the state, with the highest density in central and western Massachusetts, lower density in the northeast, and rare to absent in the southeast, according to massaudubon.org.

Bobcats are shy and elusive, are most active at night, and make sightings by people uncommon. Their preferred food is medium-sized mammals like rabbits, but they will eat many other creatures including birds, insects, fish, and even some plants.

As with all wildlife, do not attempt to approach one, mainly when they have young. Bobcats are known to kill livestock or unsupervised small pets as well.

If you can safely take videos or photos of wildlife in your neighborhood, you can send them to reportit@wwlp.com!