SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Three Springfield grassroots groups held a Virtual Community Town Hall on Thursday night to discuss newly mandated reforms within the Springfield Police Department.

The Pioneer Valley Project, Springfield’s NAACP, and the Mass Senior Action Council wanted the community to engage in policy development around policing and public safety. These groups developed this forum following the harm that was perpetrated against communities of color in Springfield.

They believe that the community should play a role in shaping the future of reform, so that the system of policing is more just and equitable.

“At the core, what we seek is for the community to feel like it’s being heard and for there to be a sense that we can actually build trust, and come to a new place in terms of our system of policing in Springfield,” expressed Tara Parish of the Pioneer Valley Project.

The town hall featured all three members of the Compliance Evaluation team, offering an opportunity for residents to learn how to participate in the multi-year reform process.