SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — The city of Springfield is part of a growing list of cities partaking in a nationwide charitable effort called ‘Walls of Love.’

Walls of Love have been built all across the country in an effort to support those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity.

“It’s about getting into communities, showing a little act of kindness and compassion,” said Volunteer Renee Drumgold from Newell Brands.

Walls of Love is a non-profit based out of Ohio with a mission of providing resources to those in need, stigma-free. Founder Holly Jackson experienced homelessness herself motivating her to support those facing similar circumstances. Volunteers from Newell Brands partnered up with Walls of Love for a second year to set up a wall at the Springfield Fire Department.

“With organizations like us partnering with Walls of Love, that’s how they get to go nationwide and people who just want to get their hands in and do something,” expressed Drumgold.

The newly erected ‘Walls of Love’ at the Springfield Fire Department are made up of bags filled with basic necessities like food, hygiene products, and winter apparel. Anyone in need is welcome to come take what they need.

“There’s always someone here to help you. There will always be people willing to help you out, so don’t lose hope and reach out,” said Moira Greto, another volunteer with Newell Brands.

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