A West Springfield business said they received hundreds and hundreds of phone calls, but not from their customers. 

The business said they received as many as 300 calls in one hour Thursday, from people claiming to have a missed call coming from their number. 

With five phone lines and only two people in the office to pick up, Petell Teece Insurance was inundated with hundreds of phone calls from people claiming the business had been calling them.

“Between two and three hundred,” said Linda Dunsmoor of Petell Teece Insurance. “There was no way we could answer them all. It was clear the phone number had been spoofed.”

Most of the calls were coming from the 413 area code.

It could be neighbor spoofing, where schemers alter Caller ID to show a local number so people are more likely to answer and get tricked into sharing personal information with what appears to be an insurance agency or a bank.

Dunsmoor told 22News she complained to the FTC, the FCC, and their phone company. They were told international schemers had likely spoofed the company’s phone number. 

If you’ve received these calls, Petell Teece Insurance said it’s not them. 

“I feel bad for people getting phone calls because we didn’t do anything,” said Dunsmoor. “We haven’t hired a marketing firm, we haven’t done anything. You’re getting phone calls from somebody that wants to get your information.”

If you get a call from a local company, but can’t tell if it’s legitimate, just hang up, and dial the business directly to make sure.

Petell Teece Insurance said after their calls to the FCC and the phone company, they’ve received fewer calls.