SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With the future loss of Smith & Wesson headquarters in Springfield, the move will have a significant impact on the city’s economy.

Local gun stores were saddened to hear Smith & Wesson is moving down south but they do understand why they did that, given the gun laws that may get even stricter in Massachusetts.

After Smith and Wesson made their announcement Thursday, 22News went to Guns Inc. and Hot Brass Firearm and Bow Range on Main Street in West Springfield, about 15 minutes away from Smith & Wesson’s headquarters in Springfield. Their leadership team wasn’t available for an interview, but they sent 22News a statement in regards to Smith and Wesson’s relocation decision.

“We understand and empathize with Smith & Wesson’s decision to move the majority of their operations to a state that does not put roadblocks in the path of corporation and businesses, making it impossible for businesses to succeed in this state. Massachusetts is losing a long-standing excellent corporation along with countless jobs and tax dollars,” said their president, David Knapik. “The firearms available through our distributors will not be affected by this move of Smith and Wesson to TN.”

Knapik added that their public indoor range has had a great corporate relationship with Smith & Wesson. They will continue to host Smith & Wesson whenever they need some range time.