West Springfield mayor proposes local ordinance on marijuana consumption

Hampden County

Although West Springfield voted against legalizing marijuana, Mayor William Reichelt is proposing an ordinance to allow commercial marijuana sale in the town.

In a letter sent to 22News, Mayor Reichelt said that regardless of what’s decided at a local level, the adult use of marijuana will still be consumed in the community.

The ordinance proposed by the mayor limits the number of retail operations and places buffers around residential areas as well as parks.

Despite the town voting against legalizing recreational pot, one West Springfield resident told 22News that she agrees with the mayor’s ordinance.

“I believe it will bring a lot more money to the city,” Kimberlyn Boud said. “If all the other cities are for it, why shouldn’t West Springfield be included? Definitely don’t use it around schools, be safe about it, don’t drive with it obviously.”

Reichelt believes this ordinance balances the concerns regarding the sale of marijuana in the community along with the potential for new economic growth in parts of town.

The proposal was created using similar ordinances from surrounding communities.

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