WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The non-profit organization, Westfield on Weekends, and the Westfield Police Department teamed up Saturday as part of the National Night Out campaign.

National Night Out is a non-profit campaign that fosters interaction between neighborhoods and their law enforcement agencies. Westfield’s effort for NNO titled “Big Day” has events for the whole community including live music, police demonstrations, firefighter demonstrations, and more.

All these elements are being offered to the public as a way to bring people and their public safety officials together. There are even vendors and artisans seeking their goods, as well as a ton of food trucks with all kinds of food.

The event is a great day for the community to gather, as well as foster a relationship between first responders and their community for the National Night Out campaign. 22News spoke to the head of Westfield on Weekends about the importance of this event to the community it serves.

“My favorite part of people getting together is celebrating their similarities and their differences, ” said Bob Plasse. “Community events in a challenging time are so important and so when I see families meeting other families, meeting our businesses, meeting our police, I can’t help but say we’ve done our jobs.”

Saturday’s event started at noon and will continue until 9 p.m.