WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Westfield Police are looking to speak with the driver of a van attempting to sell meat to residents.

Community members called police to complain about a man in a white van with an American flag logo selling meat. Westfield Police Captain Pitoniak told 22News they were aware of the person visiting various neighborhoods trying to sell discounted meat. The police issued a “be on the look out” to speak with the operator of the white van because they do not have a company registered in the City of Westfield to sell any type of meat products.

Shauna and Garry of Westfield emailed the police the video captured on their Ring security camera. 22News contacted Shauna for a copy. In the video, the man rings the doorbell and knocks on the door. After about 30 seconds of waiting, Garry opened the door and spoke to the visitor. The man says the following:

“Hey man, how are you doing? Quick question, sorry to bother ya, I just finished up my, my deliveries for the day in Westfield, I got some extra orders. Want any steak half price? I got like filets, strips, like 4 for $5 a cut.”

Garry did not buy any of the meat he was offering and the man said have a good night and left.

The Westfield Police sent 22News two photos captured from a resident however, the plate in the photo is too blurry to identify. If you are the driver of the van described or see this person you are asked to contact Westfield Police at 413-562-5411.

22News was sent photos from a person who bought meat from the same person and shared photos of the packaging below. The Westfield Police believe this person is selling discounted meat and does not appear to be doing anything suspicious at this time.