WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Over at Westfield State University Tuesday night, Doctor Cristina Azocar of San Francisco University stopped by to take part in the Women’s Media Center lecture series.

Doctor Azocar hosted the lecture, “Pocahontas Chic: Damaging Media Representations of Indigenous Women,” with the main message of how Native American women are represented in American media. 22News stopped by to speak with Azocar about what she wants the public to retain from the presentation.

“I want them to understand that the women’s media center has a lot of resources for women to ensure that we do have representation and that the students should also be looking beyond headlines, beyond the traditional media coverage, and looking at other sources,” said Doctor Cristina Azocar, Professor of Journalism, San Francisco University.

Not only is Doctor Azocar a citizen of the Upper Mattaponi Tribe, but she also authored the book “News Media and the Indigenous Fight for Federal Recognition. ” As well as being the past president of the Native American Journalists Association and a former board member of the Women’s Media Center.