LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Several residents of Ludlow have contacted to 22News about a growing rat problem in their neighborhood.

They are seeing a rat problem that has steadily grown over the summer, a problem that is causing property damage and keeping people indoors.

22News has heard from several residents in the neighborhood off of State Street in Ludlow, near the Ludlow Mills, about a growing rat problem in the area. Residents say they see huge rats every day in their yards and have spent a small fortune on traps, bait, and home repairs.

“We don’t use our yard. We can’t cook and grill outside without watching rats while we are doing it. It’s absolutely disgusting. Grandchildren can’t go in the backyard. We’ve lost our quality of life, we don’t have our bird feeders, we can’t do anything outside,” said Ann Vanalier of Ludlow.

Residents say they have contacted the town several times and the problem is not being properly addressed. 22News called the Ludlow Board of Health for comment on the problem and did not hear back. The board did acknowledge the problem in a letter it sent out to residents in June.

The 22News I-Team is taking an in-depth look at this rat problem and its impact on people’s wallets and lives.

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