(WWLP) – Massachusetts gas prices still hover around the highest recorded average price, currently at $4.73, so what does this mean as we head into the holiday weekend?

Those prices at the pump can be tough to look at but for many, that’s not stopping them from enjoying the long weekend.

Almost 35 million Americans are expected to travel by car, that’s a 4.6% increase from last year but it’s still below what we saw before the pandemic.

Liam and his dad, Edward, live in South Deerfield and they are taking a trip to Lake Champlain.
While they said gas prices are high they still want to enjoy their time together because Liam is starting to look for colleges.

“I just ended school last Friday, so it’s just fun to be on break already, summer vacation and just getting to do stuff during the summer vacation,” Liam said. “The more time that we can spend together as a family or a father and son doing fun stuff. You know I’m all for that,” added Edward.

Air travel is expected to see a huge boost this holiday weekend compared to last year. That’s expected to be up by 25% however it’s still lower than in 2019.