CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Thankfully we didn’t see much damage from Monday’s storms, but the storms we have seen so far this summer have caused some serious damage to homes around western Massachusetts, especially when it comes to downed trees.

22News is working for you to explain what insurance covers in those situations. That’s right and experts say be proactive before another storm hits and remove any dead trees around your property.

It’s a homeowners nightmare. Storm damage. High-speed winds knock down power lines and trees. So what do you need to know when the damage is to your home?

Timm Marini, President of Hub International New England LLC, told 22News, “No matter whose tree it is, most insurance policies, homeowners, cover tree damage to your home. It’s considered debris removal if there is actual damage to your home.”

And if you park your vehicle outside, consider comprehensive coverage, which covers vehicle damage from incidents rather than collisions. Timm Marini is the President of HUB International New England LLC. They provide insurance services here in western Massachusetts.

He says even if your neighbor’s tree falls on your home, that claim falls on your policy.

According to Marini, there are some gray areas when it comes to storm damage, for example when your neighbor’s tree falls into your yard, but it doesn’t cause any damage to your property.

“That’s going to be a conversation with your neighbor, and their coverage, and how to get it cleaned up. Your insurance won’t cover their piece of property falling into your property. It’s basically their responsibility,” said Marini.

And it’s not just your home that you can have protected. Marini says if you have similar insurance on other properties like a shed, or your car, it should be covered the same way your home would be if it’s damaged by a tree or even hail.

And if you regularly park your vehicle outside, consider comprehensive coverage which covers vehicle damage from weather-related incidents rather than collisions.