WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In addition to keeping the school building secure, school administrators in West Springfield keep a close look at their students and their mental wellbeing.

West Springfield schools Superintendent Tim Connor states that keeping students safe takes a lot more than a locked building. It’s a community collaboration between parents, and the police department.

“It’s really about that preemptive work, right, it’s knowing your students and knowing who needs the supports. Mental health is a community-wide issue and can be dealt with in the community with the right resources,” said Superintendent Connor.

West Springfield also has taken steps to secure buildings. All doors are locked and no one can enter unless screened through a intercom system. Students also participate in active shooter drills.

Superintendent Connor states that they have a wonderful working relationship with the West Springfield Police Department and their school resource officers.

There are currently school resource officers posted in both high school and the middle school. These officers handle overall security at the school and work to keep the teacher current when it comes to school safety. 22News asked the West Springfield police to outline the advantages of having a school resource officer.

“So we have a first hand security, safety inside the schools and they can coordinate and response that we have from the moments anything were to occur,” said Lt. Nolan Ryan of the West Springfield Police Department.

Members of the West Springfield police department have been able to do training at each school in the district, so they have a sense of the schools layout.