CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Everything from gas to groceries has gone up astronomically as inflation continues to rise across the United States. Many people here in the Pioneer Valley are trying to save in any way they can.

22News learned what local residents are doing to save money with inflation on the rise.

Experts are not sure when inflation will ease and prices will go down, so in the meantime people are holding off on big purchases, traveling less, and avoiding dining out.

“I dont think it’s fair. That’s a lot of money,” said Tankya Marie of Springfield

“It’s kind of a scary time for everyone,” said Veronika Bukhantsova of Chicopee.

Inflation is at the highest it’s been in four decades and it’s impacting the price of everything. People in western Massachusetts are trying to save wherever they can. Some are holding off on impulse spending until prices go down.

Veronika from Chicopee told 22News she’s shopping responsibly and comparing gas prices before hitting the pumps.

“I noticed that more I’m looking at the price of things and it’s kind of hard to make a decision. Even buying a pair of shoes you have to decide and I going to get it or am I going to save it for later,” said Bukhantsova.

Experts believe that inflation will begin leveling off by next year. In an effort to save, Tanyka Marie opened a credit card to get rewards whenever she gets gas or buys groceries.

She’s also trying to cook at home more instead of going out to eat.

“I’ve been actually trying to cook at home instead of ordering out. I love fast food, but it’s hard. Especially when you’re a busy mom. I really do pray that the prices do go down, you know to make it fair for everyone,” said Tankya.

A really great way to save money is to sign up for rewards at gas stations and grocery stores. Another way to save is to limit your shopping trips and buying the essentials or generic brands at the store.