SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Over 130 student-athletes at Springfield College said goodbye to their families and friends as they moved into their dorms on Wednesday morning.

These student-athletes came ready to start the year off right with bags packed, bins loaded, and lots of school spirit and pride.

Student-athletes get to move in a few weeks earlier than other students at Springfield College to prepare themselves for a busy season of sports and schoolwork. On move-in day, they get to start team bonding before their preseason camp.

When it comes to move-in day, many of the students said you should make sure to pack concisely and only bring the essentials for a fun and comfortable semester. They recommend packing everything from your favorite snacks and drinks to important electronics and
their corresponding chargers.

22News spoke with members of the football team about what to pack for move-in day.

“It all starts with good packing. Try to condense everything the best you can do, you’re not bringing in 100 bags and making it harder on yourself, and just showing up with the people you love getting here with a smile on your face not too afraid not to be scared, be happy at the moment to be on campus and start a great season,” said Dante Vazquez, a Junior Springfield College football player.

Before move-in day, make a packing checklist to ensure you only bring the essentials. Starting early will also ensure you get the things you want before certain items are hard to find like a desk fan.

Since space is limited in your dorm, try to pack clothes for the current season only, you can always go back home and swap clothes out. Communicate ahead of time with your college roommate to prevent you both from duplicating unnecessary items in your room.

Don’t forget to bring those important documents too, like a valid photo ID, confirmation of your dorm room assignment, and any other documents the school may ask you to bring.

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