SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday the Basketball Hall of Fame hosted an exhibition game between the Rollin’ Celtics and the New England Blazers of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

The Wheelchair Basketball Charity Classic was played on the Hall’s esteemed Center Court Sunday afternoon. This will be the third wheelchair basketball event to be held at the Hall. Players making moves on the hardwood passing, shooting and battling for the ball. Organizers thrilled that this event is taking place.

“It’s an opportunity to, you know, bring the community together and expose you know the sport of wheelchair basketball to those who may have never watched a basketball game before. and at the same time we’re trying to raise money in hopes of growing the sport of wheelchair basketball and educating people on the history of wheelchair basketball, and you know there’s no better place to play it than at the basketball hall of fame,” Aymen Tayoubi-Idrissi, Intern Basketball Hall of Fame told 22News.

Players making moves on the hardwood, passing, shooting and battling for the ball.
The National Wheelchair Basketball Association is committed to providing individuals with physical disabilities the opportunity to play and learn the fast-moving game of wheelchair basketball.

The organization was founded back in 1949 by Dr. Timothy Nugent, who founded the first complete program of higher education for individuals with disabilities in 1948 and was awarded the Bunn Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hall of Fame in 2020. This award is considered the most prestigious award that is presented by the Hall of Fame.