WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s that time of the year when you’ll start seeing a lot of potholes on the road. They can not only damage your car but your wallet as well.

“I hate potholes. They’re everywhere but we are in New England so that’s just kind of part of life,” said Colleen Walsh.

However, that part of life can get expensive if you car gets damaged by them, like Robert Howe whose car was damaged twice by potholes, “They ruin cars and make driving hazardous. I’ve had at least two tires and one rim on the car I’m driving right now ruined by potholes.”

Cities and towns will potentially reimburse you for car damage caused by potholes but it depends on a few factors. West Springfield DPW recommends filing a claim with the town clerk if your car was damaged by a pothole but the pothole has to have been reported already and DPW given ample time to fill it but they didn’t.

If you hit a pothole on a state owned road, MassDOT will only compensate claims if someone’s injured, but they won’t pay for damage to your car. You should get your car’s tire alignment checked if you do hit a pothole and are thinking it was damaged.